Marion Meakem

DC/VA/MD Metro 

September 30, 2020

Senior Session |Meadowlark Botanical Gardens | Vienna, VA

There were moments this fall when I considered pitching a tent at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna. It’s a favorite for photographers and clients alike (definitely not a secret), with its well-kept grounds, variety of settings, easy access and reasonable fees. Within it nearly 100 acres it features native plants, meadows with wildflowers, grasses of all lengths, trees of all sizes, paths and grassy hills, ponds, bridges, gazebos, rocks, you name it. There’s even a Korean bell garden. This young woman and her mom drove in all the way from Leesburg during rush hour (or what qualifies as rush hour during Covid) to take advantage of all that Meadowlark has to offer. And we managed three outfits during our 2-hour session. I love how girls know how to change without getting undressed 🙂

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