Who is behind the camera?


I actually don't like having my picture taken. So you can trust me when I tell you that I feel your pain. 

photo by Allison Meakem, Aqaba, Jordan 2019

One of my happy places is an empty lap lane at my local pool.

Parenting is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, and I am still learning every day.

I eat homemade müsli for breakfast (nearly) every single morning.

I used to work in International education and still believe in its crucial importance for the future of our civilization.

I have met (and photographed) Patrick Dempsey before I knew who he was.
I subsequently became addicted to "Grey's Anatomy" and learned that one can edit a lot of galleries while
Derek "McDreamy" Sheperd is having another great day saving lives.

photo by R. Suanes, Washington, DC 2019

I believe that every child should be allowed to grow up with a dog.

Much to my chagrin, nobody in my family wants to watch horror movies with me.

In my free time, you may or may not find me on the sofa with an extra hot latte and a German crime novel.

I am somewhat of a news junkie.

Despite best efforts, I do not understand American Football. But please do not ask to book a photoshoot during the (soccer) world cup.

There are at least a million things I would rather do than go to a shopping mall.

I could happily snack on olives and feta cheese
all day long.

I tend to be a stickler with grammar. 

I will happily scale boulders, walls and ladders; army crawl on the ground; wade through streams; lie on my back on the dance floor; make weird noises and tell stupid jokes to your kids - anything to get the best shot. But only if you promise to not take any pictures or videos of me.

I have been taking pictures all my life. Growing up in Germany, I loved to document my travels in Europe and spent endless hours creating photo albums. In 1996 I moved to Washington, DC with my American husband and fell in love with the beautiful natural light this area has to offer, especially in the fall and winter when it typically becomes dreary and dark in Northern Europe. 

When our first child was born, taking photos of her was like therapy after a long night, the pick-me-up after no more than three hours of consecutive sleep. Just one beautiful image kept me grounded, even when the days were just a blur. 

Beautiful photos give joy, and perspective. We added two boys to our family, more sleepless nights, more photos, more joy. Friends and neighbors asked me if I could take their children's pictures as well. More photos. The additional joy of creating something beautiful for someone else. 

I don't think I look at the world through a lens. Rather, I try to capture something interesting, beautiful, spirited, even on a grey and ordinary day. Something that gives joy for years to come. 

Our two older children are now in college, the youngest in high school. Yes, time flies. Yes, they grow up fast.  
What a beautiful gift to preserve a visual narrative of their lives - for us, for them and, one day, for their children.

Every family has a story that deserves to be chronicled. It would be my privilege to help you capture and preserve yours.



Who Is behind the camera?


Photo by Allison Meakem, Aqaba, Jordan, 2019

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