Marion Meakem


April 26, 2021

Classic DC Senior Session | Washington, DC | Lincoln Memorial | National Mall

Kyla absolutely * K I L L E D * her Senior Session at the Lincoln Memorial earlier this month. And proves that it is SO WORTH IT to rise and shine at the crack of dawn. (Which she is quite used to as a member of the McLean HS crew team – albeit without make-up and an elaborate dress, I assume). I am glad she insisted on changing because I would happily have conducted the entire session in her beautiful Lehenga which she purchased just in time for the occasion. Scroll down to see how this young woman rocks green and yellow as well (not everyone can), with poise and confidence. Kyla, it was so much fun to meet and work with you and your mom – wishing you all the best for what’s surely going to be a bright future after a difficult year. Rock (and row) on.

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  1. Heidi Brandow says:

    You’re absolutely stunning and, thanks to you, the Lincoln Memorial has never looked better. Beautiful! These photos are incredible, capturing a truly beautiful subject in a delightful way. Amazing!

    • Marion Meakem says:

      Dear Heidi, thank you so much for your kind words. I agree with you that Kyla is an absolutely stunning subject.

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