Marion Meakem


August 8, 2020

Capitol Hill Family Session/ Golden Hour in DC

“I’m the photographer in the family and we have so many photos of my husband with the kids,” Bea told me when she scheduled a session with her three children. Dang, did this sound familiar! If you looked at our family photo albums you’d think that my husband single-handedly juggled our two+ decades of parenting: he rocked our babies to sleep, changed their diapers, snuggled and read with them, pushed the swings on the playground, dug with them in the sand, entertained their friends at birthday parties, taught them how to swim and ride a bike, spent endless hours on the floor playing with trains and legos, and took them to museums and on college tours. Of course, yes, he did all of these things and more – but where was I, absentee mother of three? Oh, of course! I was behind the camera.

With her oldest son’s impending departure to embark on his senior year of college, time was of the essence. I kept a close eye on the weather forecast which was teeming with “scattered thundershower” icons for most of the week, but alas, a clear evening was beckoning mid-week. Classic DC dipped in golden hour – what more can you ask for?

Here are some of my favorite images from this hybrid Family and High School Senior session. (She ain’t called Bella for nothing). Loved working with this good looking, loving and spirited family.

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