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May 19, 2020

Backyard Sessions/ Senior Photography/ Class of 2020

With a college graduate of my own I’ve had first hand insight into the sense of loss for the class of 2020, missing out on the traditions and rituals of senior spring, last concerts or sports events, the senior nights, the banquets and parties, the handshakes and hugs, the walk across the stage. And then the uncertainty of what’s to come, graduating into a crummy economy and job market or not knowing whether that hard earned college admission and the excitement about leaving the nest will be thwarted by campuses staying closed. It all really sucks, there’s no more polite way to say it.

In the hopes of maintaining some modicum of normalcy and tradition, I have started up with senior sessions again for the class of 2020. With the pandemic still a serious issue, I’m currently limiting my offerings to outdoor sessions on private property. So if you have a yard, or access to one, I am happy to travel to your house. Otherwise, you come to me. I am very blessed with an incredibly kind neighbor who is a master gardener and lets me use his property. Please note that I do take necessary precautions by wearing a mask and maintaining a continuous distance of at least 10 feet. I shoot with long lenses with focal lengths ranging from 85mm to 200mm.

Here are some photos of two members of the class of 2020.

Beautiful Lauren met with me a couple of weeks ago when the azaleas were still showing off. She will be officially graduating from McLean High School on June 1 and (let’s hope) is headed to Knoxville in the fall to attend the University of Tennessee. She actually borrowed her big sister’s cap and gown for the occasion – MHS seniors will finally receive theirs in a few days.

Zoe’s gown arrived from Williamsburg just the day before we met for photos. She has proudly graduated from the College of William & Mary and will be returning there in the fall for graduate school. Zoe’s family has a beautiful yard surrounding their home so it was an easy choice to have the session there. Bonus: we got some family photos to top things off as well as some killer headshots (who needs a studio if you can use the neighbors’ carport’s white-ish corrugated sheet as backdrop?). In fact, the black and white head shot below is on of my favorite images from this session.

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